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This is the hardest part of this first blog entry. I should probably introduce myself somehow, but don’t really know what to say. Could say something about my hobbies and interest, but are they really that interesting? Anyhow, one of my longest hobbies has been programming, just can’t seem to get enough of it. I love learning new programming languages and techniques. For the past year or so I’ve been learning Unity3D and C#, and it’s been a blast. I also love baking, but I’m not that skilled so writing about it would be mainly embarrassing. There might or might not be some baking photos on my Instagram page (@null_pntr). I also read a lot, but this blog will most likely not contain any book related stuff. I also love video games, but lately I’ve just been too busy with other stuff and haven’t played anything for ages. Just reading about games and watching other play is enough for now.

My background

I’ve been programming on and off for the past 20 something years, though only around 10 years as a professional. I got my degree of Bachelor of Engineering from the Turku University for applied sciences. I specialized in embedded systems software and been working in that industry for the past 10 years. The company I’m currently employed at makes stuff that can be considered as medical devices. Most of my work related code is done using C and C++, but this blog is going to focus more on thing I do on my spare time. These things might include stuff in C and/or C++, but for starters I’m going to focus on Unity3D/C# stuff. Although, I have a blog series in mind which is related to Unity3D and will contain stuff in C++. I have a longish background in Linux, but will most likely not write anything about that. Unless I find something really interesting to write about.

Why I decided to start blogging

The main purpose for this blogs is learning. For me, one of the most effective ways of learning and instilling understanding of stuff, is to teach them to others. So the purpose is pretty selfish, but don’t mind if as a coproduct someone out there finds my rambling helpful. The other reason is my dislike of video tutorials and guides. Usually you waste 5-10 minutes just to realize that the provided solution or explanation doesn’t really suit your problem. With written stuff you can pretty quickly see if the text contains information related to your problem. Videos can be helpful too, but mainly for getting new ideas and viewpoints on things. The final reason is just that I might have done something awesome and really want to tell people about it. Or at least I think they might be awesome.

Some planned blog subjects

I have couple of blog series mind. The first one will be about Using C# reflections in Unity3D. Reflections are something totally new to me due to my background in unmanaged languages. The series will contain stuff about enabling dependency injection using reflections; Using reflections with ScriptableObjects; How reflections can aid you with Unity3Ds custom editor views. Second series I’m thinking about will be about Native DLL’s in Unity3D. We’ll create two simple DLL’s and use them in Unity3D. The example project won’t be anything really useful, but I’m thinking about using some exotic hardware with this. The reason for two DLL’s is: one will be made using unmanaged C++ and the other will be made using managed C++. Using managed DLL’s will be easier, but just in case one might require a “legacy” library in their project we’re going to check out usage of unmanaged DLL’s too. I might do a series about Finite State Machines and Tracker Mod music, but not really sure about those yet. I might include the Finite State Machine thing as an example for creating elaborate custom editor inside unity. The one big issue with these ideas is the size. I will put all of the example projects to GitHub. I’m not sure if I’m going to  include non-programming posts yet. At some point there might be things that I want to write about that aren’t technical. I’m still new to this blogging stuff so we’ll just have to wait and see.


Finally here are some pics of my dogs, enjoy.
Her name is Peppi.
And she’s called Kerttu (or Kepa)

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