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Throughout primary and secondary schools, I always had problems with languages. Not just Swedish but with English and Finnish too. The skills never seemed to stick. I’ve always liked reading, but the main issue was in producing sane language or sentences to paper. I struggled with this a lot. My language grades in primary and secondary schools were horrible. Still I’ve always yearned to be better at writing.

Nowadays my language skills have improved a lot; especially in English. The main reason is that I mostly read in English. There weren’t that many good sources for learning programming in Finnish and thus I was “forced” to improve my English skills. Video games, pen and paper RPGs, board games and Magic: The Gathering were also good way to get motivated to get better at English.

In 80’s and 90’s Finland was a good place for getting an ear for English mainly because there weren’t that many dubbed cartoons or movies. Stuff intended for preschool kids were usually dubbed, but after that it was either reading the subtitles or not watching. I’m not quite sure how the dubbing is handled nowadays, but I think the amount has increased.

I’m not going to say much about talking the language. Like most Finns, I’m really self-conscious about my horrible English pronunciation and am a bit scared of talking. Not every Finn is embarrassed about the pronunciation, for instance the couple who are doing the The Hydraulic Press -channel in Youtube. I find it really awesome that they can speak what Finns usually call rally-english so freely

Concerning this blog, I think I am a bit too critical about my writing. I’m fairly confident with my grammar and spelling. But I just can’t seem to get the tone, tempo or structure right. I don’t like the sentence structures I come up with. Also, I pay much attention to the repeated uses of same words and phrases.

The criticality of my own writings is the biggest reason why it takes me a long time to create a post from start to finish. Just can’t seem to be satisfied with my posts.

What’s the point of this post? For one, I thought I’d convey some of the things that are going through my mind when I’m trying to put thoughts into words. One of the reasons for this whole blog thing is to improve myself. Not just technical skills but writing skills. This is not a plea to give me support or anything. Just some ramblings that came into mind while writing.


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